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GET TO KNOW  . . . . .  Linda Manno

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1. How did you discover Twin County?

I sang Karaoke at a 5 day 1950's event in NJ. After I sang, a lady from another Sweet Adelines Chorus approached me and said I should be singing with SA. When I got home from the event, I googled Sweet Adeline groups in my area. I called Twin County Chorus and spoke with a very lovely and friendly lady named Bobbi. So, here I am!!

2. Please describe the top 5 things you like most about Twin County Chorus?

1. Our director, Christine! She has a way of working on technique and precision with seriousness, while making us laugh and reminding us to simply love music.

2. A sense of family and friendships. The camaraderie we share is priceless. Our sisterhood bond goes far beyond our rehearsal nights and performances.

3. I have become a better singer......even my kids have noticed.

4. We are all achieving a common goal; perfecting our instrument.

5. The opportunity for growth. I'm currently learning how to compose barbershop music.

3. What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

1. Well......singing!

2. I play piano and guitar as well and I enjoy transposing music into different keys that are in my singing range.

3. Running! I run approximately 30-40 miles a week and run races on long island.

4. Dancing. I love dancing, particularly Lindy/East Coast 40's and 50's style and have even won contests. I also enjoy hustle, cha-cha and salsa.

5. Going to my children's sports or academic events.

4. What are you "super powers"?

I'm a creative Special Ed teacher, and teach out of the box to reach any child.

I love to write, but didn't realize I was such a good writer until I went for my Master's degree.

I'm a fast runner! 

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5. Organizations?

WAART- We Are Athletes Racing Team member

GLIRC-Greater Long Island Racing Club

SHW-Selden Hill Warrior running group

6. What do you do for a living?

I'm a Special Education teacher with ABA (applied behavior analyst). I'm independently contracted, holding a tier II certification in Nassau and Suffolk County. A tier II is the lead teacher who teaches children on the Autistic spectrum, helps counsel their families, and oversees the other teachers providing services.

7. Tell us a little about your family life.

I am a single mom with two wonderful children. My daughter is 19, and attends SUNY Cortland. She excels academically, and sings in the Cortland Select Chorus. She can harmonize to anything! My son is 18, a senior in high school, excels academically, too. He is an incredible musician. He has been drumming since he could walk. Three years ago, he picked up the electric guitar and quickly got a solo in the high school band. He is currently playing in a band on Long Island. Both of my children are also excellent ice hockey players. So, if you walk into my house, you will either hear music or the sound of a hockey game on the NHL channel. My son enters SUNY Brockport this fall. As he likes to remind me, I'll be experiencing "the empty nest syndrome" soon. More time for composing barbershop perhaps?

8. If you went to college, what did you study?

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and Theory from SUNY New Paltz and I hold a NY State Certification in Music.

I have a Master's Degree in Special Education and have a dual NY State Certifications in Elementary Education and Special Education.

9. Name 3 pet peeves

1. Long Island Duck Quackers......yikes!

2. Papers all over my dining room table

3. The sound of someone cracking their knuckles

10. Any causes or charitable organizations near and dear to you?

The United Way -- not only did they help with funding during Hurricane Sandy, but they awarded both of my children with scholarships for high academic achievement.

Hope Floats- A Lindenhurst community-based organization that began helping Hurricane Sandy victims and has expanded their generosity to helping all families in need in the community.

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