Twin County Chorus Leadership


Twin County Chorus thrives, and is fun to belong to, because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are a few of the people who help us keep up the rhythm, stay in tune, and stay focused:


Christine Krowles, Director

Christine croppedOur Director, Christine Krowles, amazes us every week with her musical talent, her patience, her incredible ears, and her ability to coach and guide us. She served as bass section leader, President, and Associate Director, and Co-Director, before being hired as our Director. She did all this (and managed a job and a family) while completing all the steps to become a Certified Director. Christine is a fun and natural teacher, who helps us bring vocal artistry and energy to the stage.

Marie Harnett, Assistant Director

Marie 426 x 640

Our Assistant Director, Marie Harnett, keeps our chorus looking sharp and sounding great. She is the Chairman of our Music Committee, and led our choreography team for many years.  She encourages us to sing with energy and style. She has a beautiful, rich baritone voice, and an amazing flair for showmanship. 

Asuka Ichikawa, Assistant Director

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Our recently appointed Assistant Director, Asuka Ichikawa, joined our chorus only a few years ago. Using her background as a stage actress in Japan, she quickly became active in our Choreography and Visual Team, and in our Music Committee. Asuka is a barbershop music arranger, who can also sing all four voice parts. She enriches our sound with her sweet tenor voice.

Roseann Serra, Team Manager

Our Team Manager, Roseann Serra, is a terrific delegator and coordinator. Her ability to keep things organized has helped our chorus know the answers to where, what and when. With her team leaders, Roseann makes sure we have a place to rehearse, costumes to wear, sheet music to read, parties to enjoy, and a website. She is a wonderfully talented baritone singer.

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